Guidelines for Wren’s Nest Submissions

Our Mission:
Wren’s Nest is a digital publication of the William & Mary Educational Review, with an emphasis on applying scholarship beyond the classroom. Wren’s Nest features practitioner-oriented pieces, book reviews, interviews, policy briefs, alumni perspectives, opinion pieces, personal reflections, and other short articles on education-related issues.

In light of our Mission, the editorial board of the Wren’s Nest seeks William & Mary School of Education graduate student and alumni perspectives, including written work and multimedia projects along the following primary guidelines. It is encouraged to contact editors before submission – detailing your interest and the direction you would like to take.

The initial submission:

◙  Is of high quality and an excellent representation of original ideas
◙  Is concise in its viewpoint(s) (500-700 words maximum for written submissions)
◙  Has practical implications, suggestions and/or recommendations for the Wren’s Nest
◙  Adhere to the William & Mary’s Honor Code & Academic Integrity

See below for the more specific guidelines on submission categories.

  Practitioner-Oriented Pieces that explore the intersection between educational theories and frameworks with practical results or implications in- and outside the classroom.
◙  Book Reviews that critique recent publications (e.g., within the past 1-2 years) of relevant, unique, and/or important scholarship outside of journals and magazines.
◙  Interviews with institutional leaders (e.g., staff, faculty, administrators) at William & Mary that directly impact the School of Education.
◙  Policy Briefs that affect K-12, higher education, or counseling in the educational realm.
◙  Opinion & Reflection Pieces that offer novel, authentic, and/or inspiring insights into the field of education. Examples include internships, studying abroad experiences, career transitions, reflections upon graduation…
◙  Multimedia Presentations or Projects that explore a topic of interest to the author that should include one of the above formats, and can fit the size limitations of WordPress Open-Source Architecture.

Submissions accepted via email: